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Pass the Permit Test the first time with our FREE Practice Tests. Study real driving permit test questions from the DMV handbook!.

Permit Practice Test

Learning to drive can be a stressful event so we try and make that easier with our permit practice tests! Becoming a licensed driver involves taking expensive classes, driving for numerous hours with a licensed driver, and eventually taking the permit test. After spending hundreds of dollars on a driver's training program, it should be easy, but for many new drivers it is not. One way to guarantee success on the drivers ed test is to study by taking permit practice tests. We offer several free driving quiz choices to help prepare students to get their drivers licenses and teen permits.

Each permit practice test is completely free can be used 24/7, and as such we decided to offer these free driving test questions to help new drivers become safer on the road. We work hard to ensure that each question on the practice permit test is as close as possible to the questions on the real exam from the DMV. Prior to taking our practice tests, it is helpful to get a copy of the driver's handbook. With a handbook, you will be able to see what you need for the written practice questions. Our free exam questions are an ideal way to get permit practice test experience.

Preparing with the Permit Practice Test

Our permit practice test questions can be accessed at any time and it is recommended that you start practicing as soon as you begin your first driver's ed courses. Your driver's ed teacher will give you a handbook that will include free DMV practice test questions, but you can only take that DMV practice test once; our tests can be taken multiple times and the questions always change! Our tests include multiple questions about road signs and rules of the road as well as questions about situational choices that you will see during your driver's ed course and on the permit exam. We recommend reading the driver's ed handbook so you do not fail the test.

The questions you will see on the permit practice test involve several common driving skills. There are questions about changing lanes, stopping, and yielding. There are also questions about parallel parking and turning on red lights. Your driver's permit test will include questions about performing interior and exterior safety checks prior to starting the car. Good drivers also know how to check their oil and how to put gas in the car, too. Maintaining proper air pressure in the tires is a safety skill that should be learned, too. Your permit practice test will ask about basic maintenance and safety features of your car. We recommend studying and practicing safety procedures with a licensed driver.

When taking a permit practice test you will be asked about safe driving techniques. You will have to answer questions about cell phones and other common distractions like changing radio stations. You will need to know how and when to adjust your mirrors so you can get the most out of your blind spot. You will also be asked questions about what to do when school buses and/or emergency vehicles are on the road. Taking a written practice test will help you figure out what you need to study for the real drivers permit test.

Assessing Your Eligibility

Every driver needs to meet the minimum eligibility requirements before taking a driving permit test. Our permit practice test is designed for people who are preparing for their driving test They are also designed for teens, since most states have different rules for adults who are working on getting their licenses. In many states, teens do not have to be 16 to get their permits; but, they cannot get their licenses until they turn 16. Most states do have special requirements for teens who are 14, live in rural areas, and need to drive. After getting your permit, you will have to practice driving with a licensed driver. Your DMV branch can tell you all of the details that you need to know about how to properly use your teen permit or regular drivers permit.

In order to be eligible for learner's permit, you will need to take a vision screening test. This will let the DMV know if you need to wear corrective lenses when driving. If you do, then this information will appear on your teen permit and eventually on your driver's license.

Following the Rules of the Permit

A permit comes with a set of rules that are important to follow. If you are found to have violated them, you will have to wait a long time before you can reapply for a permit. You may also be required to retake your written driver's test. Your permit requires that you drive only with another licensed driver and that you do not drive alone. You will need to drive a minimum number of hours in the dark and during the day. Without those hours, you will not be able to earn a license. It is important to practice a variety of different skills, like parallel parking, driving on the highway, and in residential neighborhoods.

Tips for Success

Taking the permit practice test is one of the best ways predict whether you will get a pass or fail on the actual test. If you do not get a satisfactory score on your first practice test, we recommend that you take it several times until you are comfortable with your skills. Pay close attention to the questions that you fail so you can reread those sections in your handbook.


Q: How many times can I take the permit practice tests?
A: You can take them as many times as you want!

Q: Is there a fee to take the practice test?
A: No. They are 100% free and always will be!

Q: Does the permit practice test match up with my state's test?
A: Yes. We have the same kinds of questions that will appear on your official state permit test.