DMV Road Signs Tests

Pass the Road Signs portion of the Permit test with our FREE Road Signs Practice Tests. Study real road signs questions from the DMV Handbook.

Road Signs Test

One of the most overwhelming aspects of learning to drive is understanding road signs. To test your understanding of these signs, we have made our free road signs practice test for you to take. You can take this practice test as often as you need to before you take the real drivers permit test at your local department of motor vehicles. We have built the test so it emulates the actual DMV exam that you'll need to take to get your permit.

Each road sign practice test is completely free and is available online 24 hours per day. We also recommend getting a motorist's handbook from the DMV so you can learn what each sign means and get additional road sign practice. Without learning each traffic sign, it can be difficult to pass the test... so get studying!

Preparing with the Road Signs Test

Your driver's ed instructor will give you a handbook that includes pictures and explanations of each in-state and also out-of-state road sign for you to study. We recommended creating flashcards so you can test your knowledge of what each sign means so that you pass your permit test the first time around!

On our online road sign test, you can expect to see questions about different types of road signs. There are questions about different types, shapes, and colors of the signs on the highways. You will also be asked about yield and stop signs. You can expect to see signs that show where school crossings are located as well as other safety signs like those designating the locations of hospitals. You will also need to be able to read a highway sign based on the exit number. Some tests might even ask about the way that interstate highways are numbered. Being able to successfully read road signs will keep you safe while you are driving and ensure you pass your permit test.

Assessing Your Eligibility

To take the official road signs test and permit tests, you will need to be eligible to become a permitted driver. In most states, you will need to be almost 16 and enrolled in a driver's training course. Once you have attained the required number of hours, you can take the driver's test. Your state will have specific requirements that you must meet before you can get your official driver's license.

You will also need to take a vision test. This is simple test that will show if you need to wear corrective lenses while driving. If you cannot see distances clearly, you might have trouble reading road signs and driving safely.

Following the Rules of the Permit

There are several other factors that can contribute to failing driver's training. However, since this is an important part of driver's safety, we recommend that you do your best in studying and learning all the road signs you may encounter on the drivers permit test.

Tips for Success

Taking the practice road signs test is one of the best ways predict whether you will get a pass or fail on the actual test. There is no need to apply to take the practice tests - just visit our site and get started. If you do not get a satisfactory score on your first practice test, we recommend that you take it as often as necessary to pass the test. Pay close attention to the questions that you fail so you can reread those sections in your handbook and get them correct the next time around.


Q: How many times can I take the practice tests? A: As often as you like!

Q: Is there a fee to take the road signs practice test? A: No. They are 100% free!

Q: Does the road signs test match up with my state's test? A: Yes. We ask the same types of questions that your state will ask.

Q: Do all states have the same road signs? A: Most basic road signs are standard between states; but some, like intrastate highway signs might be different.