Florida DMV Driving Test

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1. In florida, who legally always has the right-of-way in traffic?
2. If there are lane signals above your lane what do they mean?
3. You should increase the distance between your car and the vehicle ahead when you:
4. If five or more vehicles are following you on a narrow two-lane road, you should:
5. How do roundabouts reduce crashes and improve traffic flow?
6. Blocking an intersection during rush hour traffic is:
7. If your vehicle starts to hydroplane, you should:
8. Your first response to reduced visibility should be
9. A career offender has ____ days to report a change in address to the driver license office.
10. It is best not to drive in the fog, but if you must do so, you should use:
11. Orange construction signs warn you:
12. When there is not enough room for a u-turn, you are suggested to use
13. To ensure the lane next to you is clear when you want to change lanes, you should:
14. When driving on a slippery surface such as snow or ice:
15. At what age and younger must children be placed in a child restraint device when riding in a vehicle?
16. Which of the following will help you avoid getting rear-ended?
17. Which pavement marking are you allowed to cross?
18. A green arrow showing at the same time as the red traffic light means:
19. What is the correct hand signal for indicating a right turn?
20. When driving near light rail vehicles, always

Florida DMV Driving Test

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To operate a motorcycle in Florida, you must have a motorcycle license or motorcycle (M) endorsement on your license. Licensing is handled through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). A motorcycle license or an M endorsement on your driver's license allows you to drive motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, and scooters on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle only license, you must have the required documentation and meet the requirements. Minors must be at least 16, hold a learner's permit for 12 months, maintain a clean driving record, submit an application, pay the fees, pass the knowledge test, and complete a Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or Basic RiderCourse updated (BRCU). Applicants who are over 18 must hold a learner's permit or pass the vision and written examinations. Additionally, you must complete a motorcycle safety course or provide an out-of-state motorcycle only license. To apply for an endorsement, you must pay the fees, hold a Class E driver's license or meet the qualifications to receive one, complete a BRC or BRCU, or provide your out-of-state license with a motorcycle endorsement (except Alabama).

The vision and written exams are scheduled through the DHSMV. The written exam contains 50 questions; 45 of the questions are on road rules and five cover road signs. This is the same test required for a standard driver's license. You must answer 40 of the questions correctly to pass. The road skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle in normal traffic conditions. If you fail a test, you can retake it the next day.