Michigan DMV Driving Test

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1. A minimum of ____ points accumulated is required for monetary sanctions in michigan.
2. Which of the following is necessary in order to be considered a resident of michigan?
3. If you are stopped, intending to turn left, but oncoming vehicles are approaching, you should:
4. In which of the following cases will a temporary instruction permit be issued to someone over 18?
5. The eye test for the driver's license evaluates
6. A driver approaching a flashing red traffic signal must:
7. Why should drivers and passengers adjust seat headrests in motor vehicles?
8. What is a safety zone?
9. Which of the following documents can not be used to prove legal presence?
10. You may drive an unregistered vehicle to its first place of storage within how many days of purchase?
11. You are making a left turn from a two-way street into a one-way street. when you have completed the turn your car should be
12. The 'three-second rule' applies to the space ____ of your vehicle.
13. Drinking coffee after drinking alcohol
14. What are the colors of a sign which tells you the distance to the next exit of a highway?
15. Which of these statements is true about keeping children safe in vehicles?
16. When waiting to make a left turn, you should give the right-of-way to vehicles coming from the opposite direction:
17. What is the consequence for a first time owi on a watercraft conviction?
18. What does this figure mean?
19. If you drive up a narrow, steep road and meet a car with no room to pass:
20. Which online program by the department of state allows you to check the availability of a personalized license plate?

Michigan DMV Driving Test

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About Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Michigan, you must have a motorcycle endorsement (CY) on your driver's license. Licenses are issued by the Secretary of State (SOS). You must be at least 16 and have a valid driver's license to apply for a motorcycle temporary instruction permit or motorcycle endorsement. Minors must have a valid level 2 or level 3 graduated driver license (GDL). A motorcycle permit or endorsement allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle permit, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the vision screening and the motorcycle knowledge test, and pay the fees. To receive a motorcycle endorsement on your current Michigan driver's license, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the driving test, and pay the fees. Additionally, applicants under the age of 18 must also complete a motorcycle safety course. Testing may be waived for applicants over the age of 18 who successfully complete an approved motorcycle safety course.

The tests are taken at your local SOS branch office. The motorcycle knowledge exam contains 25 questions on motorcycle safety and driving skills. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle rider skills test assesses your ability to operate a motorcycle safely. If you fail the motorcycle rider skills test twice, you will be required to take a motorcycle safety course before you can attempt the test again.