Delaware DMV Driving Test

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1. A single broken yellow line usually marks the centerline of a two-way roadway where
2. You want to make a right turn at the corner. a pedestrian with a guide dog is at the corner ready to cross the street in front of you. before making your right turn, you should:
3. Which of the following is not normally used as a device to guide drivers through a work zone?
4. Juveniles violating the delaware dui law will have their driving privileges revoked for a period of:
5. When driving on a slippery surface such as snow or ice:
6. At an unmarked crosswalk, drivers are required to
7. When is a cdl class b license required?
8. A diamond-shaped sign is a:
9. A solid yellow line next to a broken yellow line means that vehicles
10. Driving under the influence of any drug that makes you drive unsafely is permitted:
11. How much is the fee for a replacement license?
12. When stopped at railroad tracks with no crossing gates, you may cross:
13. You should use your vehicle's horn when:
14. When there are two solid yellow lines in the center, passing is
15. When is it ok to drive faster than the posted speed limit?
16. A red arrow pointing to the right on a traffic light means you may
17. Which of the following is an exemption to using a cell phone or hand-held electronic device while driving?
18. What kind of drugs can make drivers drowsy?
19. How much are the veteran identification cards?
20. This sign warns that

Delaware DMV Driving Test

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To operate a motorcycle in Delaware, you must have a motorcycle (M) endorsement on your driver license. The state does not issue separate licenses for motorcycles. Licensing services are handled through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). An M endorsement permits you to operate motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, and scooters on public roads. You may also apply for a temporary motorcycle permit before earning your endorsement. Permits are valid for six months, and they can be extended once for an additional six months. If you are a minor, you must follow the graduated driver license (GDL) program for licensing.

To receive an M endorsement if you are under 18, you must have a valid Class D driver's license, complete a driver's education course, bring the proper documentation, including your application and parental consent, pass the vision screening, pay the fees, and complete a state-approved motorcycle rider course. The course includes a written exam. For applicants who are over 18, you must bring your documentation, a completed application, pay the fees, and pass the vision screening. Additionally, you have the option of completing a motorcycle rider education program or taking the written and road skills tests. Tests are scheduled through the DMV.

The written exam contains 25 questions about basic motorcycle skills and driving techniques found in the Delaware Motorcycle Operator Manual. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle road skills test covers four primary exercises, including starting, turning, accelerating, and braking. You must pass both tests to receive your M endorsement.