Virginia DMV Driving Test

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1. You may pass if the line dividing two lanes is a ____ line.
2. If you see red reflectors facing you in the pavement edge line, this means you are:
3. What should you do if a tire blows out while you are driving?
4. Do not make a u-turn on a curve or near the top of a hill if you cannot be seen by
5. The hand and arm bent at 90 degrees and pointing downward indicate the driver's intention to
6. What should you do when you are going to enter a roadway from a private road
7. In virginia, passengers under age 18 must be
8. To help avoid skidding on slippery surfaces you should:
9. Which of the following contributes to improved traffic flow?
10. When following a vehicle at night, always
11. Flash floods can cause vehicles to float and fill with water, trapping and drowning people. while especially dangerous at night and in deep water, even ____ inches of water can float some small cars.
12. You drive along a street and hear a siren. you cannot immediately see the emergency vehicle. you should
13. If you must park on a roadway, park your vehicle
14. The speed limit in school zones is
15. A no parking sign at a certain location means
16. If you approach a vehicle displaying a reflective orange triangle sign on the rear, you must
17. If you are caught driving your car after your license has been suspended for an alcohol-related offense, your vehicle will be impounded for how long?
18. Drinking coffee after drinking alcohol
19. When two vehicles enter an intersection from different highways at the same time, which vehicle must yield the right-of-way
20. Drivers entering an interstate from an entrance ramp must

Virginia DMV Driving Test

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About Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Virginia, you must have a motorcycle license or permit. Licenses are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The three types of licenses are a Class M (all motorcycles), Class M2 (two-wheeled only), or Class M3 (three-wheeled only). Before applying for a license, you must hold a motorcycle learner's permit for a set amount of time, which varies based on age. A motorcycle permit or license allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle learner's permit, you will need to hold a valid driver's license or permit. If you do not, you must pass a two-part driver's license knowledge exam. You must apply, submit the required documentation, pass the vision screening and the motorcycle knowledge exam, and pay the fees. To apply for a Class M, M2, or M3 license, applicants who are 18 and older must wait at least 30 days after receiving a permit. Applicants who are under 18 must hold the permit for nine months. When you apply, you will need to submit the required documentation, pass the road skills test, and pay the fees. Testing may be waived if you successfully complete the Virginia Rider Training Program.

Tests are scheduled through the DMV. The motorcycle knowledge test contains 25 questions about road rules and safe riding practices. You must answer 21 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle rider skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail a test, you must wait two days to retake it.