Arizona DMV Driving Test

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1. When turning left from a two-way road to a one-way road you should turn into the ____.
2. Drivers age 60 and over are issued licenses that last for how many years?
3. If you are on the freeway and need assistance pull over ____.
4. What type of motor vehicle is legal to drive in the hov lane during restricted times?
5. If a dust storm is approaching or you encounter one while driving, you should:
6. You want to park downhill on a two-way road and there is no curb. which way do you turn your front wheels?
7. This sign indicates
8. When following behind a police car in an emergency, one must maintain a minimum distance of ____ feet
9. If you approach a person (who is about to cross the road) walking with a white cane, or a white cane tipped with red, you must
10. If you always let other drivers go ahead of you at intersections, you are most likely:
11. Which of the following lines permits the passing of other vehicles?
12. When making a u-turn, you must not
13. When is a driver not required to stop for a school bus?
14. Select the statement below that is false:
15. What does this sign mean?
16. ____ on your side of the road indicates a no-passing zone.
17. When you are following a vehicle that makes frequent stops, you should allow ____ than usual.
18. Which of the following driving skills is/are affected by the use of alcohol and/or drugs?
19. In heavy rain, a vehicle's tires may begin to ride on the water lying on top of the road pavement when traveling at high speeds. this is known as
20. On which of the following areas is it illegal to park your vehicle?

Arizona DMV Driving Test

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To operate a motorcycle in Arizona, you must have a Class M license or an endorsement on your driver's license. Licenses are issued by the Department of Transportation (ADOT). The state offers a motorcycle instruction permit, Class M motorcycle license, a Class G graduated driver license (GDL) with an endorsement, and a Class D license with an endorsement. These licenses allow drivers to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped. Minors must hold the motorcycle instruction permit for at least six months before applying for a license. At age 15 ½, you can apply for an instruction permit, and at age 16, you can apply for a Class M license or a Class G license with an endorsement. You can receive a Class D license with an endorsement at 18 or older.

To receive a motorcycle instruction permit, license, or endorsement, you must submit your documentation, pass the vision screening and written test, complete an application, and pay the fees. Minors applying for a license or endorsement also need to submit proof that they completed the required coursework and driving hours. Class M, G, and D licenses with an endorsement all require a motorcycle skills test.

Tests are scheduled through the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). The written exam contains 30 questions about how to prepare to ride, vehicle control, and motorcycle safety. You must answer 24 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle skills test is a 10-15 minute test demonstrating your ability to operate your motorcycle. You can attempt to pass the test three times before you must pay another application fee.