DMV Motorcycle Permit Tests

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Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

In order to legally drive a motorcycle in the United States you'll need to get a motorcycle license. But first, you'll need to pass a motorcycle permit test and get a permit while you are learning to ride. Motorcycle license and permit tests are usually given at a local department of motor vehicles branch. Prior to earning a motorcycle license, you will need to get a learner's permit which will only be given after taking a motorcycle safety class and test. There is usually a charge to take the motorcycle permit test, and so, to save money and time it makes sense to pass the exam the first time, so we highly suggest taking our motorcycle permit practice tests to prepare.

Each motorcycle permit practice test on our site is free and can be taken as many times as you require. We work hard to have the motorcycle permit practice tests be just like the real DMV tests. When you take the practice test, we suggest keeping your motorcycle handbook nearby so you can search for answers as you work through the problems. We also recommend studying the safety rules and regulations in your handbook before you take your actual test at the DMV and testing your knowledge with our motorcycle permit tests. Our practice tests can help you understand what sections are likely to appear on the written exam.

Preparing with the Motorcycle Permit Practice Test

To get the most out of your studying time, we recommend getting a motorcycle driving handbook. These can usually be found in two places: online and at your local department of motor vehicles branch. Get yourself a copy and read it from cover to cover several times. The questions you could encounter will involve topics about maintaining your motorcycle as well as how to properly inspect your motorbike before taking it on the road. You will also need to know the rules of motorcycle safety so you can properly approach a curve and safely change lanes in busy traffic. You will also need to know how to position your motorcycle in your selected lane so that other vehicles can see you.

Our motorcycle permit practice test will also quiz you on topics that you could see on the online driving test. You should know how to do a side stand and how to avoid crashing when your bike is parked. Motorcyclists need to know where to look when they drive through a curve. They also need to know how to position the hands and wrists when starting the bike as well as the safest times to adjust your mirrors. It is also important to know how to check the fluids and fill up with gas well as dozens of other question types you'll find on our practice tests.

Assessing Your Eligibility

Before you take the state motorcycle driving test, you will need to assess your eligibility. States have a minimum age for permits and licenses to legally ride a motorcycle. Cyclists under 18 in many states need a learner's permit for six months;with drivers over 18 being eligible to pass the motorcycle test and get their license immediately. There are often special state-by-state situations for drivers who are between ages 14 and 16. Once you get your license, you can drive your motorcycle in state and out of state. Your DMV office and the motorcycle informational brochures can explain all the licensing details to you; so be sure to check with your DMV to make sure.

Along with being the minimum age for driving a cycle, there are other eligibility requirements. You will need to complete a vision screening test to see if you need to wear corrective lenses while riding your motorcycle.

Following the Rules of the Permit

Once you get the permit, you will need to follow a few important rules. The permit will last for a specific amount of time, then you can apply for the license. The rules often involve not riding with any passengers on the bike and not riding at night. It is also important that you share the road with a licensed rider next to you. If you are found to be driving a motorcycle and not following these rules, you could lose your permit and have to begin the process all over after a long waiting time. It is important to drive legally at all times which helps you stay safe.

Tips for Success

Taking our motorcycle permit practice test is one of the best ways predict whether you will pass or fail the actual test. There is no need to apply to take the practice tests. If you do not get a satisfactory score on your first practice test, we recommend that you take it again. Pay close attention to the questions that you fail so you can reread those sections in your handbook. If rereading does not make a difference, we encourage you to work with a licensed motorcyclist who can help you better understand the rules of the road. Some drivers will create flash cards or other study tools so they can fully understand the rules and their bikes.


Q: How many times can I take the practice tests?
A: As many times as you want. Take our motorcycle permit tests until you feel comfortable you will pass the real exam.

Q: Is there a fee to take the practice test?
A: No our motorcycle practice written exams are 100% free.

Q: Does the motorcycle permit practice test match up with my state's test?
A: Yes. Our tests have the same types of questions you'll find on your state's official permit tests.