New Mexico DMV Driving Test

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1. When driving at night, using the parking lights only is unlawful.
2. In order to avoid last-minute braking or the need to turn suddenly, you should
3. What should you do if the road has standing water on it?
4. You must not pass another vehicle if you see
5. To check your blind spot before changing lanes:
6. On a two-way roadway with a center lane, drivers from either direction can make ____ from the center lane.
7. If the gas pedal sticks or the motor keeps accelerating, what should you do?
8. While driving you come upon a sign which says, 'reduced speed 35 mph'. you as a driver should know:
9. When a vehicle is hydroplaning the:
10. If someone is injured during an accident you should ____.
11. When entering an interstate highway from the acceleration lane, you must
12. How can you reduce the risk of a vehicle emergency?
13. One of the rules of defensive driving is
14. If the traffic signals are not functioning due to a power outage:
15. Where should you stay in your lane while being passed on a motorcycle?
16. When traveling behind a motorcycle:
17. When is it safe to pass another vehicle?
18. Animals may be transported in the back of a pickup truck only if:
19. To see vehicles in your 'blind spots
20. Motorists are not required to yield to pedestrians when they walk against the traffic light.

New Mexico DMV Driving Test

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About Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in New Mexico, you must have a motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. Licenses are issued by the Motor Vehicles Division (MVD). There are three different levels of licenses depending on your age: Class M 13+, Class M 15+, and a Class M 18+ license. A motorcycle license or endorsement allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads. A Class M 13+ license is only valid for motorcycles that are under 100cc.

To receive a Class M 13+ or Class M 15+ license, you must complete a motorcycle safety course, submit an application, the required documentation, and pay the fees. The tests are waived if you successfully complete the required coursework. To receive a Class M 18+ license, you must apply, submit the documentation, pay the fees, and pass the motorcycle written and road tests. If you complete a motorcycle safety course, the required tests will be waived.

Tests are scheduled through the MVD. The written motorcycle test contains 25 questions on safe riding practices and road rules. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle road test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail a test, you must wait a week to retest.