Mississippi DMV Motorcycle Test

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1. Riding close to the edge of the road is dangerous for motorcycles because
2. What does a pre-ride inspection entail? it entails everything but ____.
3. In order to avoid fatigue, you should stop riding at least every ____ hour(s).
4. How can you prevent yourself from using too much throttle?
5. When should you take your feet off the footpegs and skim them on the surface of the road?
6. The rear brake is controlled with the
7. What is not something you need to do to avoid a crash?
8. Reflective clothing is important for safety
9. Approximately how many motorcycle/car crashes are caused by drivers entering a rider's right-of-way.
10. You should flash your brake light when you are about to stop and you are
11. Which of the following is the best way to secure cargo?
12. Motorcycles are harder to see. how can you increase your visibility?
13. If you are carrying a package that prevents you from steering with both hands
14. Grabbing the front brake could result in
15. When driving beside a row of parked cars, you must watch for
16. During normal turns
17. The safest way to cross an obstacle is at a ____ angle.
18. What can happen if you drive through a turn too fast?
19. What should you do if there is a large animal, such as a deer or elk, in the road?
20. What is the best way to avoid fatigue from riding?

Mississippi DMV Motorcycle Test

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About Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Mississippi, you must have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. Licenses are issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS). You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a motorcycle learner's permit or endorsement. A motorcycle learner's permit or endorsement allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle learner's permit, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the motorcycle knowledge exam, and pay the fees. To receive a motorcycle endorsement on your Class R driver's license, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the on-motorcycle skill test, and pay the fees.

The tests are taken at your local DPS office. The motorcycle knowledge exam contains 25 questions on motorcycle safety and driving skills. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The on-motorcycle skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail the test, you may have to wait a week to retake it.