Wyoming DMV Motorcycle Test

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1. When you see red flashing lights at a railroad crossing you should stop ____.
2. When parking at the side of the road, park at a ____ degree angle.
3. If your front tire goes flat while riding, to slow down you should
4. An approved helmet can save a motorcycle rider from ____ in most collision situations.
5. How can you protect yourself from injury during a collision?
6. While driving in the city and looking ahead for hazards, you should be checking at least ____ ahead.
7. When parked in a parallel parking space, you should park at an angle
8. Across the united states, almost ____ people die yearly due to impaired drivers.
9. When starting on an uphill slope, you should first use ____ brake to hold the motorcycle while starting the engine and shifting into first gear.
10. What should you get from the seller when you buy a used vehicle?
11. How can you avoid riding in the blind spot of another vehicle?
12. How can you prevent yourself from using too much throttle?
13. Signal lights should be used
14. You are in danger of hitting an object and need to swerve to avoid it. what is the best way to initiate a swerve?
15. Riding close to the edge of the road is dangerous for motorcycles because
16. In locations where there is oil and grease buildup, the best lane position is
17. Begin signaling ____ feet before making a turn.
18. While riding, your feet should be positioned
19. What is engine braking?
20. A licensee under the age of 21 but wants an 'adult'-type license, may apply for it only within ____ days of their 21st birthday.

Wyoming DMV Motorcycle Test

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About Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Wyoming, you must have a Class M license or a motorcycle instruction permit. Class M licenses can be combined with an A, B, or C license, and they are issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT). You can apply for a motorcycle instruction permit at age 15 and a Class M license at age 16. A motorcycle permit or license allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle instruction permit, you must apply, submit the required documentation, pass the vision screening and the motorcycle knowledge exam, and pay the fees. To receive a Class M license, you must apply, submit the documentation, pay the fees, and pass the vision screening, the knowledge exam, and the motorcycle rider skills test. The tests are waived for applicants who successfully complete the state's Basic Rider Course (BRC).

Tests are scheduled through the Driver Services Division of the DOT. The motorcycle knowledge test contains 25 questions that require you to understand road rules and safe driving practices. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle rider skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail a test, you must wait one day to retake it.