Pennsylvania DMV Motorcycle Test

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1. When purchasing a motorcycle helmet, it is important you choose one that meets what type of U.S. standards?
2. When riding, your clothing should be protective and
3. If you are involved in a crash, you have a much lower chance of sustaining serious injury if you wear:
4. The best way to carry cargo on a motorcycle is to
5. When passing heavy vehicles, it is important to avoid
6. What should you always tell your passenger before starting to ride?
7. What steps can you take to make sure you are well acquainted with your motorcycle?
8. According to the manual more than half of all crashes occur on motorcycles ridden by the operator for ____?
9. Which of the following is the most likely place for a collision?
10. In which of these situations is someone most likely to try and share a lane with you?
11. In which of the following situations should you increase your following distance?
12. You can be charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol if
13. To increase your chances of being seen by another vehicle
14. What is the most common type of motorcycle crash at an intersection?
15. It is important to use your mirrors in which of the following situations?
16. When slowing down, which brake should you use?
17. What material provides the most protection in jackets and pants?
18. If your motorcycling group is larger than how many members you should divide it up?
19. To maintain a safe riding distance on the road, you should look forward ____ ahead of your travel path.
20. When riding a motorcycle a 'cushion of space' is important because it allows you time to react and ____?

Pennsylvania DMV Motorcycle Test

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About Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, you must have a Class M license or permit. Licenses are issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT). The first step of the licensing process is to apply for a Class M learner's permit. Once you have received your permit, you can apply for a Class M license. Applicants under the age of 18 must hold the permit for at least six months before applying for a license. A motorcycle permit or license allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a Class M learner's permit, you must apply, submit the required documentation, pass the vision screening and the motorcycle knowledge exam, complete any required coursework and driving hours, and pay the fees. To receive a Class M license, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the motorcycle rider skills test, and pay the fees. The motorcycle skills test can be waived if you successfully complete a motorcycle safety program.

Tests are scheduled through the DOT. The motorcycle knowledge test contains 25 questions about road safety and traffic laws. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle rider skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail, you may have to wait a week to retest.