Illinois DMV Motorcycle Test

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1. When you park, which wheel should be touching the curb?
2. Which of the following is a way to reduce your reaction time?
3. If you are riding with a group of motorcycles, is it safe to share a lane?
4. Motorcycles should share lanes with cars when
5. What portion of a traffic lane does a motorcycle need to operate safely?
6. What controls the front brake?
7. When parked in a parallel parking space, you should park at an angle
8. How can you ride safely on slippery surfaces?
9. You are being closely followed, and as you approach an intersection, the light turns yellow. what should you do?
10. You should avoid attaching cargo to a motorcycle with
11. When traveling in heavy congested traffic, what is an adequate space cushion between yourself and the vehicle ahead?
12. Where are a motorcycle's blind spots?
13. Motorcycle passengers should
14. For most effective steering while riding a motorcycle, your hands should be positioned
15. Maximum straight-line braking is achieved by
16. Your motorcycle has two brakes. use both brakes:
17. When preparing to enter the roadway from the roadside, how should you position your motorcycle?
18. Most motorcycle crashes occur
19. It is dangerous to ride beside a line of parked cars because
20. If you are being followed by a tailgater and he or she is not able to pass you, you should

Illinois DMV Motorcycle Test

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About Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Illinois, you must have a valid Class M or Class L license. You can receive a license from a Secretary of State (SOS) facility. A Class L license permits you to drive motorcycles, motorbikes, mopeds, and scooters that are 150cc or less. A Class M license allows to you operate any type of motorcycle. Minors can apply for a 24-month motorcycle instruction permit to operate motorbikes that are 150cc or less. If you are 18 or older, you may apply for a 12-month instruction permit for any type of motorcycle.

To receive a motorcycle instruction permit, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the motorcycle knowledge test, and pay the fees. Minors must also successfully complete a driver's education course. To receive a Class L or M license, you must apply, submit your documentation, pass the motorcycle skills test, and pay the fees. Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 must complete an approved motorcycle training course. Applicants who are over the age of 18 may complete the state's Motorcycle Rider Education Course in lieu of the written and driving exams.

The written exam can be taken at your local SOS office. The test contains 25 questions about how to safely operate a motorcycle. You must answer 20 questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle skills test assesses your on-cycle abilities. If you fail either test, you must wait seven days to retest.