Maine DMV Motorcycle Test

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1. Motorcycle brake lights are not as noticeable as car brake lights. what can you do?
2. Riding ____ decreases your chances of being seen.
3. All of the following are part of the upshifting process except
4. When passing another vehicle, you should
5. Which of the following is the most likely place for a collision?
6. As a motorcycle rider, how many positions do you have available in a single traffic lane?
7. A street legal motorcycle needs to have which of the following?
8. To help maintain balance during a turn, you should
9. If you wish to stop your motorcycle quickly, you must apply ____ to do so safely.
10. When should you rise off the seat slightly?
11. It is important that a passenger
12. What is the maximum speed outside any business or residential or built-up area of maine?
13. There are this many classes of driver's licenses in maine?
14. What statement about maine motor vehicle insurance requirements is false?
15. What can you do to help keep your balance in turns?
16. What type of group formation should be used when riding through curves?
17. Motorcycle passengers should always do which of the following?
18. You will travel a minimum of ____ in 10 to 12 seconds at highway speeds.
19. Before each ride, you should adjust
20. How much of a following safety cushion should you leave while driving?

Maine DMV Motorcycle Test

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About Motorcycle Permit Practice Tests

To operate a motorcycle in Maine, you must have a motorcycle license. Licenses are issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). At age 16, you can apply for a license, permit, or endorsement on your current license. However, all applicants under the age of 18 must complete a basic driver's education course before completing the requirements for a motorcycle license. A motorcycle license allows you to operate a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, or moped on public roads.

To receive a motorcycle permit, you must apply, submit your required documentation, successfully complete a hands-on rider education program, pass the vision screening and the motorcycle knowledge exam, and pay the fees. To receive a motorcycle license or endorsement on your driver's license, you must complete the permit process, submit your application and documentation, pass the motorcycle road skills test, and pay the fees. If you successfully passed a road skills test as part of your basic rider course, the motorcycle road test may be waived.

The motorcycle exams are taken through your local BMV. The knowledge exam contains 25 questions about motorcycle safety, operation, and road signs. You must answer 20 of the questions correctly to pass. The motorcycle road skills test assesses your ability to operate your motorcycle safely. If you fail a test, you must check with the BMV to reschedule your next test.