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In New Hampshire, the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is part of the New Hampshire Department of Safety. The DMV handles all services related to vehicle titles, registration, plates, and motor carriers. Additionally, it is responsible for driver's licenses and state identification services.

The Bureau of Registration is the department responsible for the registration of vehicles and boats. It also handles emissions testing, inspections, International Registration Plan (IRP), municipal agents, and other transportation-related services. New registration and renewals are both handled at the town or city level at your local Clerk's Office. In order to register a vehicle, you will first have to visit your town or city Clerk to establish your residency. If you purchase your vehicle from a New Hampshire dealer, the title will be issued through the dealer. Otherwise, you can apply for a title through the town or city Clerk when you register your vehicle. Duplicate titles can only be issued in the Concord and Nashua DMV offices.

To apply for a new driver's license, you must visit a DMV office and bring a completed application, provide proof of identity and residency, pay the fee, and provide any other information required, depending on your age, citizenship, and state of any past licenses. New Hampshire offers REAL ID compliant licenses upon request. For new drivers over age 18, you do not need to make an appointment to apply for your license. However, you do need to bring in your documents and pass a vision test. If you have not held a license in another state, you will also have to pass the written and skills tests. Teen drivers must be at least 16 to apply for a license. Additionally, you must have parental consent and provide evidence that you have completed a Driver Education Program and 40 hours of supervised drive time.