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In Louisiana, the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) is part of the state's Public Safety Services. This division manages vehicle services and driver's license services, as well as dealer and business services. OMV offices are located in each Louisiana parish. Hours and services vary, so check your local parish office before you visit.

To title and register your new vehicle, you'll need to complete a vehicle application form (DPSMV1799) and bring a signed-over dealer title. For used vehicles, you'll need to complete the DPSMV1799 form, bring a notarized certificate of title, and make sure any current liens on the vehicle are released. For all types of vehicle registrations, you must also bring the bill of sale, federal odometer disclosure statement, and the financing statement (if applicable). You'll also need to bring a copy of the current owner's photo identification and pay the required fees.

Learner's permits are available to drivers between the ages of 15 and 17. To apply for a learner's permit, you will need your certified birth certificate, Social Security verification, proof of residency, and complete a 38-hour approved driver's education course. You will also need to provide a completed Certificate of Required Attendance form from your school district. Homeschooled teens can submit their Home Study Approval Notification letter in lieu of the attendance form. You can apply for an intermediate driver's license once you have turned 16, provided you meet the criteria for this license. Applicants over 18 have the same requirements, minus the school forms. They must also show proof of insurance for the vehicle they plan to drive and pass the vision, written, and skills tests. To receive either type of license, applicants must also pay the required fees.