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About DMV Locations

Idaho's Department of Motor Vehicles operates under the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). The DMV provides services for vehicle registration, plates, titles, and driver's license services, including commercial driver's licenses (CDL). The DMV also oversees ports of entry to promote the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles while traveling through the state's transportation infrastructure.

To register a vehicle in Idaho, it must be titled in the state. Both processes are handled through the DMV. The services and hours of operation vary by location, so check with your local office before visiting to ensure the office is open and offers the services you need.

In order to get a driver's licenses, anyone 17 and under must complete a driver's training program and meet the requirements of the Graduated Driver License (GDL) Program. The GDL requires drivers to obtain a Supervised Instructional Permit and accumulate a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours (including 10 night hours) for at least 6 months with no violations. All drivers are required to bring proof of residency, age, and identification when applying for a license. All new drivers and those with licenses that have been expired for more than 25 months are required to pass a vision screening, a written exam, and a skills test.

You can also obtain a STAR ID through the DMV, which is an acceptable form of identification at airports. Other services offered through the DMV are CDLs, CDL exemptions, and endorsements. However, not all DMV locations offer these licensing services.