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About DMV Locations

Alaska's Department of Motor Vehicles is part of its Department of Administration. The DMV provides vehicle and boat registration, title services, and driver's license services for commercial and non-commercial vehicles. State identification cards can also be obtained at the Alaska DMV.

DMV offices are located throughout the state. The operating hours vary by location, and some are closed on specific weekdays. Road tests are by appointment only, and some road tests are only offered on specific days at certain locations. Check with your local DMV office before you schedule a road test. Additionally, the DMV partners with local businesses in some areas to provide limited vehicle services.

All non-commercial driver's license applicants must bring proof of identification and pass a written test, vision test, road test, and a drug and alcohol awareness test. Drivers ages 16 to 18 can apply for a provisional license. In order to qualify for a provisional license, you must apply in person at the DMV, have had a learner's permit for at least six months, and have a parent or legal guardian provide evidence that you have completed 40 hours of driving. Applicants for a non-commercial driver's license must also apply in person. However, rural residents with no DMV close by can apply for an Off-Highway license through the mail. For this type of license, you must pass a written test, but there is no road test requirement.